Western Cape Dept of Health Nursing Programme 2024

The Western Cape Department of Health is offering the Nursing Programme 2024 in South Africa. The Nursing Jobs mostly remain available in South Africa, so you should go for the Nursing Training Programme 2024 in order to raise your experience level while working under the team of trained staff.

The Western Cape Department of Health Jobs 2024 may also be available for you after completing the Nursing Training Jobs 2024, so you should not miss the Nursing Training Course 2024 available at WC Dept of Health. The Government Nursing Programme 2024 is available for deserving and talented candidates, and you will get valuable experience in nursing field. The Nursing Learnerships have also been announced previously and a lot of people got Nursing Jobs or Nursing Careers. So if you are looking for Nursing Vacancies, you should have a look on the details and description of New Nursing Programme 2024 available at WC Department of Health.

Nursing Training Programme 2024 at Western Cape Department of Health: Nursing Jobs 2024

Prospective Candidates need to comply with the following Minimum Admission

Requirements for Nursing Course 2024 at WC Dept of Health

Matriculants from 2008 (Compulsory Subjects) and minimum rating scale

NSC % Points Value For
Calculation of APS
% for APS
    8  90% – 100%
7 80% – 89% 7 80% – 89%
6 70% – 79% 6 70% –  / 79%
5 60% – 69% 5 60% – 69%
4  50% – 59% 4  50% – 59%
3 40% – 49% 3 40% – 49%
2  30% – 39% 2  30% – 39%
1 0% – 29% 1 0% – 29%
  • First Additional language :English code 4
  • Home Language code 4
  • Mathematics code 3
  • Mathematical Literacy code 4
  • Life Science code 4

Minimum total score of 28 (See Advert)
Minimum matriculation endorsement / Diploma

Matriculants (Prior 2008)

Symbol HG SG
A 8 5
B 7 4
C 6 3
D 5 2
E 4 1
F 1 0

The successful candidate would have:

  • Biology HG / E or SG / D
  • English HG / E or SG / D
  • Mathematics HG / E or SG / D or
  • Minimum matriculation endorsement / Diploma

Documents to submit with your application (Requirement):

  • A certified copy (less than three (3) months old) of page one of your
  • Identity Document / Card
  • A certified copy (less than three (3) months old) of your National Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification.
  • If you attended any higher education institution, an original Academic Record and a Certificate of Conduct must accompany application form.
  • Submit certified copies (less than three (3) months old) of certificates / diplomas / degrees obtained previously.
  • In case your name or spelling of name / surname on the National Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification differs from the name on the national identity document and on the application form, evidence needs to be included to verify the difference. The same applies when the ID number differs.
  • Proof of residence or affidavit
  • Original proof of evidence of paid R150.00, application fee

Documents (Optional)

  • 2 page Curriculum Vitae with the following information:
  • Full Names and contact details, Identity Number, Residential Address and Postal Address,


  • All certificates and addresses will be verified for authenticity.
  • Due to the large number of applications expected; only selected prospective candidates will be invited for an interview, and only the successful applications will be notified
  • No registered mail will be accepted
  • WCCN reserves the right to verify and take legal action if documents are not authentic. Application will not be accepted
  • No Grade 12 candidates (2023) will be consider for selection due to the phasing out of legacy qualifications (Statutory requirement)
  • No International / foreign and RPL applications will be considered. (2024 Academic Year)

District name /  Local municipality, employment history, Details of previous nursing experience
if any


Post Basic courses in the following specialty areas:

  • Research
  • Specialised clinical fields e.g. ICU, oncology, Clinical Nurse Practitioner, Orthopaedics, Trauma, Occupational Health, Neonatology, Paediatrics, Theatre Technique, Advance Midwifery
  • Health Services Management
  • Nursing Education


Public  /  Private health care facilities:

  • Hospitals—General and Specialised
  • Community Health Care Centres
  • Clinics
  • Private Health Care Facilities
  • Non—Government Organisations
  • Step-down Health Care Facilities
  • Geriatric Care Centres
  • Private Practice


Click Here to download Application Form

Please submit all applications to the following Postal Addresses:

Athlone – Metro West Campus Western Cape College of Nursing, Private Bag X 2,

Surwell, 7762
Worcester – Boland Overberg
Department of Health, Private Bag X 3113, Worcester,
George – South Cape Karoo Campus  1 Herrie Street, Dormehlsdrift, George 6530


No guarantee can be given that funding will be granted to students. All prospective students must make provision to pay for Application / Registration / Study / Residential fees!

This Department of Health is an equal opportunity affirmative employer whose aim is to promote representivity at all levels of all occupational categories in the Department.

If you meet the minimum eligibility criteria and other essential requirements, you should Apply Online for the Nursing Course 2024 or Nurse Training Programme 2024 available at Western Cape Dept of Health.

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