Teach South Africa: Teaching Programme 2024 in SA

The Non-Profit Organization is offering the Teach South Africa Programme 2024 i.e. a special Teachers Training Programme 2024 that will boost your teachers experience and quality of education in the schools. The Teaching Graduate Programme 2024 will make the South Africa more educated and literate, so you should join the Teachers Learnerships 2024, if you are looking to make your career bright in the teaching field. Teach South Africa 2024 campaign has also make a difference in short span of time. You will also get Salary while working at Teach South Africa Organisation.

It is a special two years learning programme that will raise your area of expertise in the teaching field. It is also pertinent to mention here that you may get more better Teaching Jobs or Teachers Careers after completing the Teach South Africa (Teaching Programme 2024). By Joining the Teach South Africa Teaching Programme 2024, you will become the Teach Ambassador, and the experience will be helpful for you in near future in getting Teachers Jobs or Teaching Careers. The interested candidates should go through the complete details of Teaching Volunteer Programme 2024 before forwarding their Teach South Africa Application to the recruitment department.

Teach South Africa Campaign 2024: Teachers Learning Programme 2024 in South Africa

Are you passionate about making a difference and using your degree to give back to the community?

Non-profit educational organisation Teach South Africa, which works to get graduate skills into schools to improve the quality of education in South Africa, has launched a new recruitment campaign aimed at recent university graduates with degrees in science, engineering, maths and English.

The TEACH Ambassador Programme is a two year commitment. Once your placement has been made, you will teach full time for two years at your assigned school. You will receive on-going support and further training throughout your two years with TEACH South Africa.

Teach SA was founded by the business community as a way to improve the quality of education and, as a result, the country’s economic performance.

Requirements To Become a TEACH Ambassador

South African Citizens:

Applicants must hold a university degree and must have done Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English or Technology for a minimum of one year during the course of their degree.
Applicants must have graduated in the last five years or will complete their degree by no later than December this year.

Non – South African citizens:

Must meet the above criteria as well as hold or be able to obtain a valid work permit by December this year.

Please note that TEACH South Africa is NOT accepting applications from Education majors.

Selection Criteria

  • A record of past achievement: achieving ambitiously, measurable results in academics, leadership, or work experience
  • Perseverance in the face of challenges and the ability to be resourceful
  • Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • The ability to influence and motivate others
  • Organizational ability: planning well, meeting deadlines and working efficiently
  • An understanding of our vision and the desire to work relentlessly in pursuit of it
  • Respect for students and families in low-income communities
  • Evidence that applicants operate with professionalism and integrity
  • Successfully pass the cognitive assessment that measures basic reading, writing and comprehension skills
  • Pass the assessment to measure competencies for content area assigned to teach

How to Apply for Teach South Africa Campaign: Teachers Learning Programme 2024

If you meet the minimum eligibility criteria as mentioned above, you should go to the Official Site of the company to apply online for the Teach South Africa 2024. Teach South Africa Organisation has announced these opportunities for the people interested in teaching career, so you should not waste your time and join the Programme.

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