Limpopo Provincial Government Internships

The Office of Premier in Limpopo is offering the Internship Programme 2019 in South Africa. Limpopo Provincial Government Internships 2019-2020 are available for those candidates who are willing to get training in relevant fields including Admin, Management Services, Public Management, Accounting, Journalism, Planning, Security Management, Information Technology etc.

Limpopo Provincial Government Internship Programme 2019-20 can boost your experience level as well as expertise in short period of time. The Government Internships 2019 have been announced by various South African Government Companies, and you should avail these Internship Opportunities 2019 to raise your experience level in the relevant fields. It is pertinent to mention here that after getting the experience certificate, you may avail the Limpopo Provincial Government Jobs and Career Opportunities in future. You may also get several Job Offers and Employment Opportunities after completing the Internship Jobs at Limpopo Provincial Government. So the interested candidates are welcomed to submit their job application along with supporting documents after having a look on the details and descriptions of the internship programme for 2019.

Limpopo Provincial Government Internships 2019-2020 in South Africa

Closing Date: 01 February 2019

  1. Applications from unemployed South African citizens residing in Limpopo aged between 18 and 35 years are hereby invited for the fitting of internship positions as shown below.
  2. Applicants who already participated in any Government Internship Programme will not be considered and if it is found that this was the case after appointment, the contract will be terminated with immediate effect.
  3. The applications must be submitted on a signed Z83 form and must be accompanied by a comprehensive CV and certified copies of educational qualifications. Academic records and identity documents,
  4. Applicants must clearly indicate the reference number on Z83 form. Separate applications should be submitted for each area of placement.
  5. All applications should be directed to following address: The Director General, Office of the Premier, Private Bag 749483, Polokwane 0700 or hand delivered at the of the Premier, No. 40 Hans van Rensburg street, Mowaneng building, Polokwane,
  6. Enquiries should be directed to Ms. Phahladira or Ms Eustace Maatjie at telephone numbers 015 287 6371 and 015 287 6365 respectively.
  7. The Office of the Premier is an affirmative action employer. Suitable women and the people with disabilities remain the target group and are encouraged to apply in line with the Employment Equity Act N055 of 1998.
  8. The closing date for the applications is the 01 February 2019 at 16h30. Late applications, e-mails or faxed applications will not be considered. Failure to comply with the above requirements will result in the disqualification of the application. Please accept that your application has not been successful if you do not hear from this Office two [2] months after the closing date.
OTP / 001 [x1]National Diploma / Degree in International Relations / Admin / Political Science
OTP / 002Organisational Design [x1]

National Diploma / Degree in Management Services / Production Management / Industrial and Organisation Psychology

OTP / 003OSW [x1]

National Diploma / Degree in Gender Equality Studies

OTP / 004Special Programme [x1]

National Diploma / Degree in Admin / Social Science or Administration

OTP / 005Expenditure & Compliance [x1]

National Diploma / Degree in Accounting/ Accounting Science Financial Accounting / Financial Management / Internal Auditing

OTP / 006Budget Planning [x1]

National Diploma / Degree in Accounting Science/ Financial Accounting/ Cost and Management Accounting

OTP / 007Performance Monitoring and Evaluation [x2]

National Diploma / Degree in Monitoring Evaluation and Evaluation / Admin / Development Studies

OTP / 009Departmental Government Information Technology [x1]

National Diploma / Degree in information Technology, Computer Science, System Development

OTP / 011Communications Services [x1]

National Diploma / Degree in Journalism / Media Studies

OTP / 012PGITO [x1]

National Diploma / Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, System Development

OTP / 014Performance Management [x1]

National Diploma / Degree in Admin / Public Management

OTP / 017Development Planning [x1]

National Diploma / Degree in Planning / Development Studies / Project Management

OTP / 018Spatial Planning [x1]

National Diploma / Degree in Planning / Development Studies / Project Management

OTP / 019Security Management [x1]

National Diploma / Degree in Security Management or Policing

OTP / 021Records Management [x1]

National Diploma / Degree in Information Management/ Archival Studies / Library Science / Knowledge Management/ Management Assistant

OTP / 022Strategic Management [x1]

National Diploma / Degree in Administration / Management

OTP / 023Legal Services [x1]

National Diploma / Degree in Law

OTP / 025HR Planning and Service Delivery [x1]

National Diploma / Degree in Administration / Public Management

OTP / 026Policy, Research and Anti-Poverty Strategies [x1]

National Diploma / Degree in Policy / Research / Development Studies

OTP / 027Limpopo Employment Growth Development Programme [x1]

National Diploma / Degree in Economics / Development Studies

OTP / 028GIS [x1]

National Diploma / Degree in Town Planning / GIS / Cartography / Geography / Environmental Science or Land Survey

How To Apply

Mowaneng Building, 40 Hans Van Rensburg Street. POLOKWANE, 0699. Private Bag X9483, POLOKWANE, 0699 Tel: [015] 287 6000, [015] 287 6999, Fax: [015] 295 3840

Hence if you comply with the minimum eligibility criteria, you should apply online for Limpopo Provincial Government Internship Opportunities available in various fields. The Government Internships 2019-2020 can jump start your career, and provide you valuable experience. You should try your luck for Limpopo Government Jobs for 2019 in South Africa by forwarding your c.v. along with other supporting documents to gain more valuable training in the relevant field of study.

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  1. I would like to apply internship for my field study in order to obtain my national diploma in business management I will be very appreciated if my request will be considered.

  2. I’ll like to apply the internship of your department in administration

  3. i would like to apply for 2019. i’ved just finished an honours degree in international relations and even if there is a space available this year i can take it because i am also available

  4. dinong maxwell mathebe

    I would like to apply for an internship in the field of Agriculture, specifically crop production side as I’m nearing my Horticulture national diploma.

  5. I have N6 Marketing Management Certificate, But i dont understand why internships available are for those who have Diplomas and Degrees, i have to get my Diploma through an Internship. Please help..

  6. i would like to apply for internship for year 2019-2020 i am doing my final yar in badmin local government

  7. I have marketing management certificate (level 4) I would like to get on touch with your internship

  8. Hi, I’d love to receive your messege to email as it would update me via job opportunities and other things related to internships. just asking to be part of it in terms of update to send it in my email please

  9. i would like to apply for learnerships at any of your private and government sector

  10. Noncedo Asanda njanja

    I would like to apply for internship I am current busy with my agricultural manegement

  11. Noncedo Asanda njanja

    I would like to apply for internship while I am currently busy with my diploma in agricultural management I will be very glad if request you can take seriously considered

  12. Hello,i just finish my 3rd year level of computer science at university of venda,but m still owing institution, so i can’t have my degree or graduate till i finishing paying and i have to work first to pay it,so i wanna know if u’l allow me to apply with my academical record?

  13. Itumeleng Nchabeleng

    I would like to apply for internship opportunities at your department.

  14. i am 25 years lady looking for a job concerning admin in your company, i have N6 in Business Management and NQF4 Office Admin having 1 year experience willing to work to gain more skills or experience. Your positive respond will be highly appreciated

  15. I would like to apply for internship in any of your departments for next year. I’m currently in my final level in community water supply and sanitation which is mostly concerned in planning for water supply and sanitation to communities. i will appreciate if you keep in close touch with me concerning internships that are to be opened for next year

  16. I have completed financial management at q college. it’s diploma it took me one and half a year. does it mean I can’t apply for your posts?

  17. I would like to apply for internship at any government institution

  18. Nkudu confidence moloto

    I would like to apply for internship in economics

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