Correctional Services Learnership Programme 2023 / 2024

Correctional Services Learnership Programme 2023 to 2024 is expected to be started soon at Department of Correctional Service Training Centre in South Africa. DCS has trained almost 3 000 youth in last tow years, and it is providing its best services for distributing knowledge, experience and expertise among students or unemployed persons.

According to the Correctional Services Department, almost 3007 persons from graduated youth have been trained from January 2011 to date through the Correctional Services Learnership Programme 2023 in South Africa. Almost 1 009 youth has done graduation from the Correctional Services Training Centre in Koonstad, in Free State.

Department of Correctional Services Learnerships 2023 in South Africa

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Skills enable people to be productive and engage in meaningful activities to get their daily needs.
In this regard, South Africa’s government came up with a correctional services learnership programme where interested applicants can apply, get the necessary skills, and then get employed in various areas of expertise. So, how do you apply, and what are the requirements?
Read below and get to know that and much more.

How do you become a corrections officer in South Africa?

The Department of Correctional Services Learnership programme is inviting interested people from various communities to enrol in the Further Education and Training Certificate program in the Corrections Services Learnership.
Learners get rehabilitation skills through correction and human development in a secure, safe, and humane detention or under community-based correctional supervision.
The duration of this programme is 12 months. Successful candidates will receive a monthly stipend of R5000 per month during their placement.

Correctional Services Learnership Requirements

The programme is open to: South Africans who have a Grade 12/Standard 10 certificate South Africans who have completed the National Certificate in Vocational Studies (NQF Level 4) Applicants who have completed a Further Education and Training Certificate NQF (Level 4) It is important to note that additional qualifications shall not be used as a factor for stipend paid or future remuneration purposes.
Additionally, interested applicants must be South Africans: Between 21-35 years of age Have a strong character Law-abiding citizens and without criminal records The applicants must be ready to subject themselves to selection processes conducted by DCS.
The applicants must also be ready to subject themselves to physical training and firearms training conducted by DCS (department of correctional services). They must also be ready to disclose information and verify their documents, qualifications, and citizenship.

There are certain requirements for being accepted into this learnership:

Minimum Requirements

  • You must be a South African citizen
  • You must be in possession of a Standard 10/Grade 12 Certificate; or
  • Be in possession of a Further Education and Training Certificate NQF (Level 4); or
  • Have successfully completed the National Certificate in Vocational Studies (NQF Level 4)

Other Requirements

  • You must be between the ages of 21 and 35 years
  • Applicants must not have a criminal record (if you have a criminal case pending against you, you must provide all the details when applying.)
  • You need to have a strong character

Preference will be given to applicants who have additional qualifications such as a Trade or Occupational-based Certificate, Diploma, or Degree related to Security/Corrections.

Any such additional qualifications will not be considered in the payment of the stipend paid to learners during the learnership or for further salary/wage purposes.

The FET Certificate in Corrections Services Learnership in DCS

This is outcomes-based learning, and the learnership is based on a legally binding contract between the learner, the employer, and the service provider.

The Learnership Programme is for a period of one year (12 months) and consists of:


About 30% of the training will consist of theory. This instructional training will take place at an accredited DCS college that will be specified by the Department.

  • Theoretical training will include intensive instruction on firearms, self-defense and physical training.
  • This training is compulsory and means that you will stay at the Training College on a full-time basis.
  • Successful applicants receive free accommodation, meals, a uniform (field wear and a tracksuit), and all training materials during the training period.

Workplace Training

The remaining 70% of the training will be practical workplace (on-the-job) training which will take place at the Correctional and Social Reintegration Centres/Units.

  • This part of the training will include duties connected to the rehabilitation and provision of security to offenders.
  • Learners continue to receive a monthly stipend during this part of the training but are responsible for their own accommodation, meals, and transport
  • The Department of Correctional Services does not pay a housing allowance, housing subsidy, pension fund, medical aid, danger allowance or overtime during a learnership.

Once the learner has successfully completed both the theoretical (instructional) and practical (workplace) phases, submitted a final Portfolio of Evidence (POE) and has successfully undergone external verification by SASSETA, a FET Certificate in Corrections Services NQF 4 will be issued.

The learnership contract is a legally binding contract and any irregularity or violation of the terms of the agreement will be dealt with by the Department of Correctional Services in accordance with Sections 17 and 18 of the Skills Development Act, 97 of 1998.

How to Apply for Correctional Services Learnerships 2023 / 2024 at Dept of Correctional Services, South Africa

How to Apply for the DCS Learnerships?

In order to apply for the FET Certificate in Corrections Services Learnership, you must complete an application form in your own handwriting.

How to get the Correctional Services Forms?

  • You can get the Application for Admission to a Learnership in DCS form from any Correctional Services Office, or you can download it from the Department of Correctional Services website.
  • The e-DCS website is under the Forms Tab
    • Once you access the website, look at the top or bottom for the link that says “Forms” and click on it. Then click on the Internship/Learnership Application Forms link.
    • Click on the Learnership Application Form link and the form will automatically download to your computer
  • When applying for the learnership make sure that you specify the learnership post that you are applying for (e.g. DCS Corrections Service Learnership: Gauteng Region: Leeuwkop (Ref GP02)
  • Make sure that you sign the application form yourself
  • Attach certified copies of your certificates and Identity Document (these copies must have been certified within the last 3 months – you can get this done at any Police Station)

Please Note:

  • Application forms that are late or unsigned will not be accepted
  • Photocopied forms will not be accepted
  • Faxed or e-mailed forms will not be accepted

Remember that during your workplace training you will be responsible for your own accommodation, transport, and meal costs. It is thus suggested to apply for a learnership in the Region or Management Area closest to where you live.

Completed Correctional Services Learnership application forms with all necessary attached documents can be mailed (posted at the post office) or hand-delivered to the Regional Commissioner at the Management Office nearest to where you live. You can find the address and contact details of your nearest Management Office.

Correctional Services Learnership Information:

Applications for this learnership will open later in the year, normally around November or December. You can keep checking whether the learnership is open for applications yet by checking the Vacancies page on the DCS website.

Read through the links on this page and look for a link that says Learnership Programme advert with closing date and click on the link to see if it is the correct learnership (this advert usually also gives all the addresses you can deliver or mail your application to.)

Correctional services learnership 2023 application form and instructions.

How do I apply for correctional services learnership? You can obtain the correctional services learnership form 2023 from your nearest correctional centres and regional offices.
You can also download it from their website at Note that the forms are not for sale. Complete the application form in your handwriting. Be clear on the post you are applying for and ensure the form is fully completed and signed by the applicant. Also, attach all the required documents.
These include your Identity document (ID), certified copies of your matric certificate or an equivalent, an affidavit of the property owner if the applicant is not the owner of the property that is not older than 3 months.
Neither late, incomplete, nor unsigned application forms shall be accepted. Also, no photocopies of completed forms, e-mailed, or faxed applications shall be accepted. Correctional services learnership 2023 closing date is not yet released.
Since you will have to cater for your transport and accommodation during your experimental learning, you are advised to apply at the branch close to your place of residence. Once you are selected, you will be contacted and given the correctional services learnership reference number and admission letter.

If you meet the minimum eligibility criteria as mentioned above, you should apply online for the latest Correctional Services Learnership Opportunities 2023. If you need more details, you should visit the official site of DCS (Department of Correctional Services). The DCS Learnership Programme 2023 will be helpful for you in near future, when you will get more better Jobs and Career Offers from various big companies working in South Africa. So don’t waste your time and go for the application process to avail these Learnership Opportunities.

It is also worth mentioning here that South African Government has taken a good step to address unemployment in the country by expanding job opportunities and learnership programmes 2023 / 2024. The government has taken this step to strengthen the youth by providing them the graduate development programmes or Learnership Jobs in South Africa. According to DCS, the learnership Programme 2023 at Department of Correctional Services is a partnership between DCS and Safety and Security Seta to educate and train the young people as correctional officials.

The Latest Correctional Learnership Programmes 2023 to 2024 are expected to be offered by DCS in South Africa. Correctional Services Learnerships Application Forms will be available soon for the 2023 session. There are a lot of Correctional Services Learnerships Vacancies and Internship Jobs in 2023, which may be announced soon through advert by the educational department.

Youth is also waiting for the Correctional Services Learnerships Adverts for 2023, as they are ready to get experience in various fields. They are expecting the Internship Programme 2023 by DCS to be announced soon. The men and women both under the age of 35 are eligible to take part in the correctional services learnerships in Gauteng, South Africa. They will go through the practical, theoretical and training programmes in different aspects of correctional services for 12 months. The Learnership will allow to you get a lot of experience, which will be helpful in getting a lot of career opportunities, employment opportunities and job offers from various big companies working in South Africa.

The main purpose of this Correctional Learnerships Programme 2023-2024 is to increase the correctional officials in South Africa after providing them with Correctional Training at the Department of Correctional Services. Hence if you are unemployed in South Africa and willing to get Correctional Services Experience, you should join the Learnership Job 2023 by submitting your application for correctional services internships at the earliest possible time.

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    Business Studies 77%
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