Accenture Offers Future Technology Leaders Programme

Accenture is offering the Latest Future Technology Leaders Programme (AFTLP) in South Africa. The Accenture Learnerships 2014 have been announced in various departments and fields, where people are optimizing their skills and experience. Hence if you are in the first or second year’s students studying in University, you can avail the Learnership Jobs at Accenture, South Africa by submitting your application form at the earliest possible time. It is a special Learnership Programme 2014 offered by Accenture in South Africa for hard working students or candidates. They can easily take the full advantage of Accenture Learnerships 2014 by going through various tasks in the different departments.

Accenture Future Technology Leaders Programme for students can make your career full of experience, and you may get more better job opportunities or career offers from various big companies working in South Africa in near future. So you should join the Future Technology Leaders Programme at Accenture to get more experience in the field of technology. If you are interested then you should have a look on the complete details of AFTLP 2014 before submitting your learnership application at Accenture, South Africa.

Accenture Future Technology Leaders Programme 2014

Are you in your first or second year of university? Do you want to get ahead? Get the best possible start with the Accenture Future Technology Leaders Programme. You’ll have access to some of our best people, training and tools while you pursue your degree.We’re providing our best assets—our people, knowledge and network—to support the next generation of leaders. The Accenture Future Technology Leaders Programme helps you get even more out of your studies and sets you up for a phenomenal start to your career. You’ll get the inside track on internship, scholarship and full-time opportunities with Accenture, as well as exposure to cutting edge technology and a first-hand look at its business applications.

Accenture is a global company with more than 281,000 employees. We use cutting-edge technology and the wide-ranging expertise of our people to help governments and Fortune 500/Global 1000 businesses innovate. We want to help today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders.

Aim high, think big and be part of something amazing.

Requirements / Eligibility Criteria

In our pilot year, students from the following three universities may apply: University of the Western Cape, University of Johannesburg, and University of Pretoria.

How to Apply for Accenture Learnership Jobs / Future Technology Leaders Programme 2014

The benefits of this multi-year leadership programme include:

  • You’ll have the support of one of the world’s most diverse and successful technology companies
  • Collaborating with other STEM students from around the world. You and your peers will have an opportunity to learn from our professionals and each other, through personal interaction and online classrooms.
  • You’ll be mentored by some of our best people: Receiving guidance from Accenture leaders. Getting a degree is an accomplishment unto itself, but knowing how to apply your problem-solving and analytical skills will help you upon graduation. Your Accenture mentors will help you understand how to make your degree work for you.
  • Getting the inside track on internship opportunities at Accenture.
  • You’ll have opportunities to develop a global professional network.

Closing Date: 28 February 2014

If you comply with the eligibility criteria and requirements provided by Accenture, You should Apply Online to complete the online applications form tfor the Accenture Future Technology Leaders Programme 2014. It is also worth mentioning here that you may avail the Accenture Jobs and Careers after successful completion of your Training Programme 2014 at Accenture. Hence you should not waste your time here and there, and apply for the best jobs and training programmes like Accenture Future Technology Leaders Programme.


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